Advanced Patrol Shotgun

Have Your Personnel Run A Shotgun Like The Professionals They Are

A shotgun in the hands of a law enforcement officer is far from a new tool. Currently existing in the shadow of the patrol rifle, the shotgun employed by a well-trained officer remains one of the most versatile weapons in the inventory. It is the only weapons system we have that is capable of delivering a wide variety of munitions in many different situations.

Working with your agency’s staff and within your departmental procedures, we conduct a 2-Day course that will give your officers the confidence they need when they pull their shotgun out on a call. Our class will teach them:

  • Engaging Multiple Targets
  • Shooting From Cover
  • Shooting From Atypical Positions
  • Team Movement
  • Ammunition Selection
  • Reloading / Changing Ammunition
  • Transitioning To Handgun
  • Shotgun Accessories

Gear Requirements

  • Pump or semiautomatic shotgun with sling (preferably with rifle sights or optic and ammunition sidesaddle) Must have a shoulder stock. No pistol grip only weapons.
  • Duty handgun
  • Duty holster
  • Body armor
  • Ballistic rated eye protection
  • Hearing protection
  • 200 rounds of shotgun target ammunition (#6 or #8 shot)
  • 100 rounds of 00 buckshot
  • 100 rifled slug rounds
  • 5 rounds of current department less than lethal ammunition
  • 50 Handgun rounds

Range Requirements

  • Approved range at NRA standards
  • Minimum dimensions of 50 feet wide X 200 feet deep
  • 12 target stands
  • Backstop/Berm capable of absorbing a 12 gauge 1 ounce slug

Cost of the course is $200.00 per student and includes printed material and targets. Class size is limited to 10 students.

*Participation in courses requires that appropriate credentials be presented in the form of an LEO identification card/department letterhead & photo ID or a military ID.

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