Basic Patrol Shotgun

One Of The Most Versatile Tools

The shotgun has a time-honored place in law enforcement. From guarding stagecoach strongboxes in the past to delivering less than lethal and chemical payloads in the modern-day, it’s been the go-to gun for many years. When equipped with rifle or ghost ring sights, the shotgun in the hands of an experienced marksman is capable of delivering accurate fire with slugs out to 100 yards and beyond. The large diameter projectile hits with authority and buckshot can deliver multiple hits with one press of the trigger.

In communities where the military look of most patrol rifles is viewed as a negative trait, the shotgun portrays a more conventional and socially acceptable image for the law enforcement officer. Unfortunately, agencies spend precious little time in training their personnel to effectively employ this weapons system. Usually limited to once a year familiarization fire to swap out old ammunition, personnel are often left without a clear understanding on the shotgun’s function and capabilities.

The Benefits Of Training

A sampling of P.O.S.T. requirements from a dozen states mandates anywhere from five to twelve rounds fired in annual shotgun qualification. In our increasingly litigious society, how long do you think this training requirement will hold up as being adequate in a civil court? By providing your personnel with verifiable, documented training beyond the scope of P.O.S.T. requirements, you can mitigate the damage to your city, county, or state. You’ll also be giving your people a tactical edge should they ever have to employ the shotgun against the increasingly aggressive and violent offender of today.

How We’ll Train Your Personnel

Working with your agency’s staff and within your departmental procedures, we conduct a 2-Day course that will give your personnel the confidence they need when they pull their shotgun out on a call. The students receive four hours of classroom instruction and twelve hours of range time.

Our class will teach them:

  • Safely Handling The Shotgun
  • Maintenance
  • Different Conditions of Readiness
  • Ammunition Selection & Function
  • Patterning
  • Reloading
  • Malfunction Drills

Gear Requirements

  • Pump or semiautomatic shotgun with sling (preferably with rifle sights or optic and ammunition sidesaddle) Must have a shoulder stock. No pistol grip only weapons.
  • Duty uniform
  • Body armor
  • Ballistic rated eye protection
  • Hearing protection
  • 200 rounds of shotgun target ammunition (#6 or #8 shot)
  • 50 rounds of 00 buckshot
  • 25 rifled slug rounds

Range Requirements

  • Approved range at NRA standards
  • Minimum dimensions of 50 feet wide X 100 feet deep
  • 12 target stands
  • Backstop/Berm capable of absorbing a 12 gauge 1 ounce slug

Cost of the course is $200.00 per student and includes printed material and targets. Class size is limited to 10 students.

Many big-box retailers are willing to discount or outright donate ammunition used by law enforcement agencies for training.

*Participation in courses requires that appropriate credentials be presented in the form of an LEO identification card/department letterhead & photo ID or a military ID.

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