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I get asked, a lot, if I can conduct courses outside of the Anderson, SC area. I can and do.

Do you want to bring something new to your club or range? Thinking about holding an event to boost membership? Tired of the same old match schedule month after month? You might want to consider hosting a class.

With the holidays over and the weather warming up, now is a great time to start planning and coordinating a class for those new Christmas present gun owners, or long standing owners who want to take their skills to the next level. This is a terrific way to introduce new members to your range or club.

You can host a pistol, shotgun, or carbine course at your range for existing and prospective members. We’re available to travel in our service area* (and anywhere in the United States – contact us for pricing.) and we’re very easy to work with.

You can offer one day basic courses:
Basic Defensive Pistol
Basic Shotgun
Basic Defensive Shotgun
Basic Carbine
Basic Defensive Carbine

or two day advanced courses:
Advanced Defensive Pistol
Advanced Defensive Shotgun
Advanced Defensive Carbine

Our basic courses cost $225 per student, and our advanced courses cost $350 per student, with a minimum of twelve and a maximum of eighteen students enrolled. Students will be responsible for any range fees. We supply the instructor(s). The sponsoring range or club is responsible for:

Marketing the class
Contact your members and those outside of your membership that you wish to attract. We will provide you with fliers specifically for the event that you can hand out or mail. Allow yourself enough time prior to the course to market, collect fees, and fill the class.

Collecting the student fees
Please ensure that students know they will be registering for the class with you, and that they will be paying their fees to your range or club. Your range or club will be writing one check to The Tactical Pirate. It’s always a good idea to collect at least a deposit from each student, as your range or club will be responsible for the full agreed upon amount whether the class is filled or not.

Ensuring the students complete the paperwork (We will send it to you)
It is important that we receive the students’ registration paperwork fifteen days in advance of the class so that we will have a general idea as to the level of experience of the attendees.

Providing range facilities
Our courses require an approved range of at least fifty yards in depth and thirty yards in width. Classes require up to three target stands per shooter for a minimum of eighteen. (We only have six students on line at a time.) We will provide cardboard IDPA targets and pasters.

Providing a classroom environment
An indoor classroom with adequate seating for all the attendees that has 110v power is necessary.

The Tactical Pirate is insured, and can provide copies of the policy documentation on request.

* Due to the restrictive nature of their state gun laws, we do not conduct classes in CA, CO, CT, DC, HI, IL, MD, MA, NY, NJ, PA, or RI.


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